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Divorce Appraisal

The divorce process can be complex. Finalizing a divorce involves making many important decisions; such as how to handle the distribution of assets including real estate. Whether your assets include a single home or a portfolio of investment grade commercial properties, obtaining accurate and credible appraisals of the properties which are the subject of a divorce settlement can make a substantial difference.


Typically, assets such as real estate are either sold off with the proceeds divided amongst both parties, or one party buys out the other party, therefore retaining ownership. Regardless of how the assets are distributed, attorneys, accountants and judges all strongly recommend that one or both parties retain a state licensed real estate appraiser to provide a credible opinion of market value.


The quality of an appraisal and the appraiser’s level of expertise, competency and education who prepares it can make the world of a difference, especially when there is litigation and or a trial involved. Sometimes the divorce settlement process can be very civil with little or no discrepancies. However, other divorce cases can get pretty ugly with attorneys battling it out in the court room. Such cases usually involve high value assets where there is a lot of money at stake for both parties.


Appraisal reports prepared for divorce purposes just like appraisals prepared for mostly all other purposes, require a professional opinion of value prepared by a state licensed appraiser. Such appraisal reports should be well supported and defendable in court.


When you order an appraisal from Yanco Appraisal Service, be assured that you will receive the highest quality appraisal that the industry has to offer, coupled with the professional and courtesy service that you demand.

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